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Vehicles breaking down is a common occurrence and accordingly necessitates the need for a tow to take the vehicle to a mechanic. Your vehicle may break down on the highway or a B-road, far away from technical assistance. It is in these situations, particularly, that towing services are required so that you can get your vehicle fixed and back operational. Since there is a wide variety of vehicles available, a question arises which types of vehicles do towing companies tow? Some types of vehicles may be impossible for the towing companies to tow so it is a legitimate concern that a customer may have. We shall now be expanding upon the different types of vehicles that can be towed easily.


  • Cars and Motorcycles

By far the most common vehicle present on the roads as evidenced by only 8.3% of American households not owning a vehicle according to Forbes, it would stand to reason that they would easily be towable. That is the case as well since cars or other similar vehicles that weigh less than 10,000 pounds are easily able to be towed by towing vehicles. So if your car is suffering from a flat tire or experiencing engine issues, you would have no issue with your car being towed. It is important to note that certain cars (like SUVs) may have their towing requirements, which you can verify by contacting the towing company.


  • Pickups and Medium Duty Trucks

Although both are specific categories with pickups differing from medium-duty trucks that are commonly known as commercial vehicles (e.g. Delivery trucks), the common theme is that both can be towed. Whilst pickups may not require any special equipment for towing considering their weight is considerably less as compared to medium-duty trucks, the same can’t be said for them. To tow commercial vehicles, you will need to contact the towing company so they can come prepared and bring special equipment.


  • Recreational Vehicles (RV)

Recreational vehicles are already towed by cars or pickups in normal circumstances as well. Thus, there will not be any issue with towing a recreational vehicle at the hands of a towing company, provided a large enough vehicle that is powerful is towing it. Care should be taken to contact those towing companies with prior experience in towing recreational vehicles and which types of vehicles do towing companies tow.


  • Trailers and Semi-Trucks

These sorts of vehicles are the largest type of vehicles on the road. They often weigh around 80,000 pounds, and thus, accordingly, require specialized heavy-duty tow tracks to help tow them. Not only are they extremely heavy but also unwieldy because of their length and size thus when you are considering calling a towing service, you should be aware of the reputation and capabilities of the towing company in question. Santoyo Towing LLC is a specialist in such towing matters with a long and storied reputation.


Different Types of Tow Trucks Available: An Overview

Depending on the towing company itself, there may be a wide variety of towing vehicles available. The most common types of tow truck types include the following.

Different Types of Tow Trucks

  • Flatbed Tow Trucks

The most common among tow trucks, flatbed tow trucks, as the name indicates have a flat surface at the back of the truck where the vehicle is placed and transported accordingly. They are great for long-distance transportation where the versatility and strength of the truck’s deck aids in convenience.


  • Hook and Chain Tow Trucks

One of the most widely recognized methods of towing transportation, the hook and chain mechanism in tow trucks utilizes a winch and hook to attach to the vehicle and transport it accordingly. One potential risk with this type of transportation is the chance of damage to the vehicle being towed.


  • Integrated Tow Trucks

Another type of tow truck, the integrated type of tow truck serves a wide range of functions. Their versatility can be gauged by the fact that they can tow large commercial vehicles thanks to a host of special features and amenities present in their functionality. Which type of vehicles do towing companies tow is answered by the presence of integrated tow trucks that can handle almost anything you throw at them.


Some Factors You Should Take Into Account When Calling a Towing Service

Some Factors You Should Take Into Account When Calling a Towing Service

  • Type of Vehicle to be Towed

A priority in making an informed decision about towing, the type of vehicle to be towed takes preference overall. A smaller-sized vehicle such as a car will only need a smaller tow truck while a commercial vehicle like a truck may require a heavy-duty tow truck to tow it.


  • Cost of Towing

A matter of large importance is the cost of towing services being charged by the towing company in question. A comparatively cheap towing company will be given preference over one that charges more. For cheap towing services that don’t compromise on quality, Santoyo Towing LLC is the company that delivers on both ends.


  • Terrain and Landscape

Depending on if the vehicle to be towed broke down near rough terrain where transport difficulty may arise, the tow truck will have to be chosen accordingly. In this regard, consider choosing those towing companies that have an established record of reliability and transparency so you are not left short-changed in your time of need.


  • Distance

One of the most important factors is considering the distance between the towing company’s center and the area where your vehicle has broken down. If one particular towing company’s center is further away from you as compared to another one, the latter will be your choice most probably due to costs and the time it takes to reach.


On a concluding note, it is important to know that towing companies are generally able to tow almost all the vehicles present. The general answer to the question that which types of vehicles towing companies tow is already detailed above but keep in mind that a reliable towing company will be able to provide a tow truck as per your specific condition. Santoyo Towing LLC is a reliable and professional towing company that offers quality and customizable towing services to our customers. Ultimately, the choice rests in your hands based on your factors.

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